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First Cannabis Academy in Latin America

Welcome to the platform where training and growth in the Cannabis world is possible.


Free Master Grower Class

Leave your email and access the open content online space

Free class Hydroponics

Leave your email and access the open content online space

What do we do?

We are the first Academy in Latin America to teach cannabis knowledge courses, both online and in person.
Anyone who needs training on any field within the cannabis industry has a place to professionalize here.

Whenever you want, 
Where you want:
I always learned.

With our asynchronous specializations, you can watch our courses from any device

Face-to-Face Specializations

Come to study in our classrooms located in Buenos Aires, Faculty of Medicine Zone.

Do you have a grow?

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Why farm?



Getting certified in cannabis means securing a job in the growing industry



Learn collectively and horizontally, representing cultural values


comprehensive therapy

The cultivation of cannabis and its derivatives help hundreds of families  have a healthy life

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Cultivar brings us closer to an ecological world, where we promote the sustainable and green

Face-to-Face Specializations

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