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In this module we will look for the best way to harvest our crop, starting from the basis that it is 50% responsible for the final result.

We will focus on harvesting in the best way, seeking to get the most out of the crop. We see:

  • Items Needed for Harvest
  • Preparation and care of the drying space
  • Maintenance of ideal parameters to preserve flavor and quality.

Then we will see how to preserve the flowers in the long and short term:

  • bottled up
  • Vacuum sealed
  • Terpene conservation
  • moisture management


*This module belongs to module 4 of the Master Grower course

Once the purchase is made, you will receive an email confirming access to the selected specialization. There you will find a pdf file that will take you to the program. You will be given access within 4 hours in the system to access the recording.

Cut, harvest and cured

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