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In this specialization we will seek to understand two very important elements of cannabis cultivation. The first half of the class (1:40 am) is dedicated to recognizing the stages of flowering. Using the concept of applying criteria and understanding that each plant develops differently.

Second, we will see the keys to successful nutrition, how to recognize deficiencies and excesses; types of product that we find in the grow; how to put together a successful diet for our cannabis crop  and everything related to assembling solutions: managing pph, ppm and other parameters of the solution or tea that we provide.


*This is module 3 of the Master Grower course


Once the purchase is made, you will receive an email confirming access to the selected specialization. There you will find a pdf file that will take you to the program. You will be given access within 4 hours in the system to access the recording.

flowering and nutrition

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