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The objective of this module is to understand the needs of our plant in the development of the vegetative phase of its development. In this class we will seek to form a criterion to be able to provide the best quality of life to our plant at this stage, as well as find the best way to take advantage of the space using training techniques.

Topics we see:


-Seedling state

-Vegetative development

-Vegetative feeding

-Training techniques

  • LST
  • super cropping
  • topping pruning
  • FIM pruning
  • Main Lining

-Transplants and substrate

-Use of space


Once the purchase is made, you will receive an email confirming access to the selected specialization. There you will find a pdf file that will take you to the program. You will be given access within 4 hours in the system to access the recording.

Vegetative and canoe management

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